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Ordinateur portable sur le plateau

It all started in 2019, born from a passion for tea and infusions and above all in a pleasure of sharing my mix being demanding of kitchen furniture full of tea and infusion, but without much flavor, I therefore decided to make my own mixture and from there my small company was born, with the aim of introducing the world to my mixtures, most of them gourmet, fruity with real pieces of strawberries or kiwi, that's a change, right?


Then, since I like challenges, I gave myself the means to do the magnificent Christmas markets in Alsace where I live and where my company was born.

with a chalet in the heart of the Alsace Christmas markets,

where I was able to make friends with people by sharing my passion for tea and infusion,

a tasting was a pure pleasure every day, to show off my creations.

We've connected with thousands of tea lovers from different countries, online and in person - through signature creations by loic. 


My adventure is only just beginning, but in 2022 I had to put my passion and therefore my company on hold, for personal reasons and reluctantly I said goodbye to my little leaves as I calling you, but like all passions I am finally back with a new site to offer you more things and especially great promotions or mixes because I learned that you love it

or  even more new recipes, new ideas, etc...

I hope you'll join me as we continue to push the boundaries of what tea can be. Together, let's bring even more people to discover the wonderful world of tea and its benefits one cup at a time.  

My Goal:

Make it as easy as possible to discover, explore and feel better thanks to tea or infusion, Choose a job you love, so you never have to work a single day in your life!


Plantation de thé


After several orders on the site, I am still satisfied, quality tea at affordable prices! I recommend 100% THANK YOU for the good advice and for always answering my questions!


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