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Discover my reusable cotton tea filter, sold in sets of three, perfect for brewing your teas and gourmet infusions. Designed with care and concern for the environment, these filters are ideal for tea lovers looking to combine pleasure and sustainability.

Why a set of three filters?

We believe it is essential to have a dedicated filter for each type of tea to preserve their unique and distinct flavors:

  • A filter for gourmet green teas : Green teas, with their delicate and fresh aromas, deserve a filter that is not contaminated by other flavors. This specific filter will allow you to fully enjoy each cup of gourmet green tea.

  • A filter for black teas : Black teas, more robust and full-bodied, require a filter that can infuse their leaves well and restore all their richness. With this dedicated filter, you will be able to enjoy your favorite black teas without any alteration in taste.

  • A filter for gourmet infusions : Infusions, often composed of fruits, flowers and spices, also benefit from their own filter. This will help you enjoy the tastiest infusions without unwanted blending of flavors.

Each filter is made of high quality cotton, ensuring a perfect brew while being environmentally friendly. Reusable and easy to clean, our filters are not only practical but also an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use filters.

Treat yourself to an optimal tasting experience with our reusable cotton filters, and enjoy your favorite teas and infusions like never before!

Reusable Cotton Tea Filter


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