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Discover our lemon verbena herbal tea in individual pyramid sachets, combining practicality and exquisite flavor. Each pyramid sachet fully releases the natural aromas of verbena and lemongrass, giving you a soothing and refreshing infusion.

Ideal for a moment of well-being at any time of the day, our herbal tea is carefully packaged to preserve its freshness and exceptional quality.

Treat yourself to a well-being break with our lemon verbena herbal tea, a simple and authentic pleasure to savor.

Pyramid - Verbena herbal teas

  • 100% Lemon Verbena.
    from controlled organic farming

  • Discover our exclusive box of 20 gourmet pyramids! Each pyramid offers you a unique tasting, promising 20 moments of pure pleasure.

    Treat yourself to or share these refined delights for an exceptional taste experience.

    Each pyramid contains 2.5g of lemon verbena

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