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The postpartum period is an important time for mothers to take care of their body and take care of their newborn.

It is important to find enough rest and relaxation to allow the body to recover, this creation can be an important support in providing the body with the necessary nutrients and active substances and contribute to healing.

This postpartum herbal tea is a natural alternative to conventional products and can be safely consumed by breastfeeding mothers.

It is free from artificial flavors and additives and can be infused several times a day as needed, overall this herbal tea is a soothing and digestive blend, specially designed to meet the needs of new mothers it can help support the body and to make the period after childbirth more pleasant and relaxed.


11,50 €Price
  • Nettle leaves, yarrow herb, lady's coat herb, milk thistle seeds, coriander

    • Dosage: 2.5g/200ml
    • Water temperature: 100°C
    • Brewing time: 5-8 minutes

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